Our Process

Free Stump Grinding Estimates

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There are many factors to consider when removing stumps. So it is very beneficial for us to come out and assess the situation in order to find the best solution. Some things we look at are:

  • Diameter of the stump (including the roots)
  • The location of the stump ( how hard is it to access)
  • Are there underground wires or cables
  • How deep we have to grind
  • We offer discounts on multiple stumps

Once a price is agreed upon we will have a locating company come out first to survey your yard for any underground cables or sprinkler systems. This is to ensure your safety and ours. After your yard is marked we will come out the next day to remove the stump.

Stump Grinding Safety

Safety comes first at Stump Removal Specialist and that’s the reason why we locate the property first. During the grinding process we set up a shield around the stump to prevent any rocks or wood chips from damaging the nearby property. We are also fully insured just in case something were to happen.

After The Stump Removal

Once all of the woody material has been ground, the wood chips are pushed back into the hole that the grinder created. This is called “grinding and backfilling the stump.” If resodding the area, leave a mound of mulch above grade level, then add approximately 2 inches of top soil, and then lay sod. This will reduce sinkholes forming in your yard as the mulch settles and decomposes.

Another option is to plant a tree and we can certainly help you with this as well.