Stump Removal Specialist

While we provide free estimates for every job, getting a rough idea for the cost of a job yourself is easy. Just measure across the stump in inches and let us know over the phone.

Stump Removal Specialist offers stumpgrinding service throughout Minneapolis and the Northern suburbs.

Using a modern stump grinder, our equipment can reach seemingly inaccessible places to grind any size of stump down to from six to twelve inches below the surface.

You can then use your ground for normal gardening or landscaping, and you can even use the mulch produced from the process to fertilize your newly reclaimed garden!

We can tackle a wide variety of stump removal tasks. Our equipment will gain access through gates as narrow as 36 inches, and remove even the biggest stump.

Stump Removal Specialist is fully insured. We always welcome an opportunity to provide a free, no-obligation quotation. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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